Northern Lights / Aurora Tours Luleå
Aurora Hunt in a Luxury Mini bus
Starting in Luleå
A nature experience with a local aurora photographer who will help you find the best places to see the Northern Lights around Luleå.
After being picked up from your accommodation we will head to 2 or 3 great locations where we know there are great chances of northern lights viewing, and if you have your camera with you, the taking of really interesting northern lights images.
In the photo gallery you will see many of the amazing photos taken by your guide on this and similar northern lights tours The tour lasts for approx 3 hours but if the lights are strong we will likely stay out a little longer. As we will be out in the elements when viewing the aurora you will need to bring with you warm clothing.
This tour is conducted in a luxury mini bus with only 6 passenger seats plus the driver. This level of comfort makes a short drive to find clear skies or great views much more enjoyable. Your guide will bring along warm drinks and some snacks for the tour and we may even stop at a local lodge for a visit depending on the conditions.
When making the booking you should advise where you would like to be picked up in Luleå and your telephone number.
There is of course no guarantee that we will find the northern lights but we will aim to have a fun tour in any case. Note however that in the event of significant cloud cover or poor northern lights conditions we reserve the right to rebook to another more suitable night or cancel the tour and refund your payment in full.

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Northern Lights Snowshoe Walk at Brändön
There is nothing more amazing than the Northern Lights view !
Snow shoes have been used for thousands of years in winter conditions and they really make life easier when the snow cover is thick. Instead of sinking to the hips with every step taken, the snowshoes allow the user to tread on the surface and make otherwise inaccessible terrain explorable.
Walking through the Brändö forests the experienced guide will tell about the surroundings and if the conditions are right the Northern Lights may be spotted!
On the way there will be a break during which the participants will learn how to light a fire in the snow, when this is ready coffee and tea will be prepared. On one tour option, dinner will be prepared outdoors by the guide and enjoyed sitting on reindeer furs under the dark sky.
This is as close to nature as you can get.
Activity type : Day tour / activity
Duration : 2 hours
Booking in advance : Can be booked until last minute
Physical difficulty level : Moderate
What’s included? : Snowshoes, boots, warm suit, hat, socks, warm gloves and fleece are provided.